In memoriam Tommeke

January 31, 2016 10:42
The story of our cat Tommeke, who has died today........

I would like to tell you the life story of a special cat, Tom, he is a cat that I saved from a killing station about 8 years ago. He was sitting there in a terrible, cold, small cage where he could barely turn around. You could see the fear of death in his eyes in that killing station where thousands of cats are being destroyed every year again, it is horrible.
When I saw Tommeke, I wanted to save him. I don’t know why, but he touched my heart. He was a large cat, super aggressive to the men there, he was hissing and they tried with 8 people to get him out of his cage. They told me I was crazy and wanted to kill him after he escaped after several attempts to take him out. We were busy for hours to put him in a bench and after an exhausting fight, we managed to take him home.

Tom was castrated and checked. He was wild, wild, wild. After he lived with us, in our home, for a few months the wild Tom slowly changed into a lovely cat, a quiet, good cat who was very dear to us. He had found his home, his bosses, he was very special. He was the big boss of all the other cats here, a born alpha and he knew, and made clear to all, that he was my special sweetheart. First came Tom and then the rest. That was our Tommeke……
When another large, black cat was dumped into the refugio and also came to live in our home, he and she became inseparable. Eating, sleeping and living together, like a real couple! Wonderful to see. She wil miss her big bear so badly........
A week ago I noticed that Tommeke was breathing in a strange way and we took him to the vet. He was immediately put in an oxygen chamber. After examination it showed that his body was full of shot from a riffle, it was also in his lungs. I couldn’t believe it because we never noticed anything during all the years that he has lived with us. He weighed 6,5 kg and seemed very strong. He could eat and enjoy, unbelievable…..
According to the vet, the lead had slowly poisoned his body during the years and that is why he died this morning. We are completely heart broken…….
It wasn’t for nothing that Tommeke was so aggressive to people. What else has happened to him before he was dumped in the killing station? Who did this to this sweetest darling of us?
Every day we are frightened here by a horror, every day again. Our Tommeke, who was so dear to us, was like so many others, also a victim of animal abuse and we didn’t even know! Our macho hunk has gone. He will stay in our hearts forever. You were our big sweetheart…..




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