Indy in Memoriam

Indy in Memoriam

May 2, 2014 15:24
Dear Indy,

November, 29th, 2010 you arrived at Schiphol, you also came from ACE in Spain. You looked at me, cheeky, but I had to remove you from the bench because that was too much, I held you and you licked me, we would become very good friend, now, quickly home because Zanne was waiting.
The first night you were lying in my arms, you were exhausted from the long journey. The next morning it was cold and you were coughing, it was a developing pneumonia but you quickly recovered. During the first year it showed that I had been right by seeing your cheeky look, you were very cheeky, but also very sweet. From the first moment you were close to me and you were difficult to remove, you were always there.
Two days a week you went out with the dog walking service but you were not a big fan, when you had enough in the forest, you just left and went home to sit at the front door. The forest behind our house was your favorite spot, there you would run, play, hunt, dig and so on. There in the forest you suddenly remained lying, we have tried everything but without result.
My Bodeguero, my mate, my cuddle, my everything.

Para siempre in mi Corazon
Forever in my heart

Xxxx Joyce ter Waskof



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