Jessie, aka Tala, in memoriam

Jessie, aka Tala, in memoriam

May 20, 2014 19:10
You didn’t hear from me a lot because everything was going fine with all your dogs........
Unfortunately I have very sad news today. Jessie (Tala) an oldie that I have adopted from you about 3 years ago will be euthanized today. Cancer has been found in her whole body and medication is no possible anymore…….
Jessie has had some beautiful years here together with the other dogs from you. She is a funny and willful girl. I will miss her soooooo badly, the tears are rolling down my cheeks while I am writing this….. But this is for the best. She stopped eating yesterday, the vet had told me this was going to happen.......It is difficult to accept but I don’t want my little Jessie to suffer… …When you receive this message she will already have passed the rainbow bridge……….
Luckily she has had some good years here with me………
Good luck little Jessie, at the other side of the rainbow

Françoise Van Bogaert



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