Katy in memoriam

Katy in memoriam

August 10, 2015 13:32
In the beginning of 2014 we had 2 dogs, Sugar and Ticky from Turkey, both were about the same age. In May, Ticky died about 15 years old. We decided to take a new dog, preferable another Cocker Spaniel. We had found the ACE/SHIN website.
In the middle of June we made contact with ACE because there were a few Spaniels on their website for adoption. After the home visit Cayetana was reserved for us. We were looking for an older, sweet and social dog. On Tuesday August 26th she was flown to Schiphol and handed to us by Erne Beckx, we named her Katy.
We had taken Sugar with us to Schiphol and she remembered her own arrival from Turkey years ago and was very enthusiastic. The dogs immeditely had a 'click' also with us. When we arrived hom our cat Spicie was less enthusiastic and remained at a safe distance.
Katy proved to be a very social and devoted dog who quickly adapted to her new home. She found her favorite spot in the house with a view in all directions especially the kitchen (food!). She was very interested in new things like meeting other dogs and cats and getting to know the park where she could run free. She followed us faithfully and also walked perfectly on leash. She also discovered rockets at new years eve. Surprised she looked at them without fear. A perfect dog.
But her life ended abruptly when she died of an epilepsy seizure, despite extensive surgery by the vet, on June 24th 2015. She only became 11 years old and we only had her with us for 11 months.
Our dog Sugar was on her own again but reacted less strong, probably because Katy was less recognizable for her during the seizures.

So far our sad story.
Kind regards,
Marlies and Hans Wassink.



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