Kobe in memoriam

Kobe in memoriam

May 5, 2015 15:30
Dear Fabienne and friends of ACE SHIN

We are still in shock. It will take a long time for this loss to be processed. My friend and shadow Kobe (previously Jacobus), our darling, passed away during the night of Monday 20 April - Tuesday 21 April.

On Monday evening everything seemed fine but by 21.00 he threw up his dinner and then it all happened very quickly.

Afterwards, blood tests showed that he'd probably been struggling with internal bleeding over the course of the past few days (given his age - he would have been 14 in May - the vet thinks that the most likely cause was an internal tumor no one knew was there and which had started bleeding). So Kobe left us for Rainbow Bridge and we can only hope that he did not suffer too much and that he's now running about playing and tumbling with Joey, Tobby, Kozak and Benji, our other dogs who we've had to say farewell to.

I still remember the day we met Kobe so well. It was at Ann Vergeylen's house, where he was in foster care. A timid dog who hid himself under a chair or the table but, nevertheless, there was that indefinable click when we went for our first walk along with our other two dogs. Jacobus took possession of my heart at that moment.

We spent five wonderful years together and are so grateful that we were able to welcome Kobe into our lives. He was an absolute sweetheart, a little shy to strangers but as soon as he got to know you, he became the most eager, happy honey you can imagine. New, unknown dogs were an issue. Kobe would become terribly anxious around them which is why we did not manage to make our way to the meets in Zoersal these past two times.

Just prior to his passing away, we had spent our Easter holiday by the sea. Fourteen amazing days. The only problem was that Kobe would cough up a little bile every morning. Once this was done, he was perfectly alright. He ate well, didn't vomit again but because the morning sickness had persisted for a while, we stopped by a vet anyway while there. He said possibly, although not definitely, the early states of a liver infection. Kobe was prescribed antibiotics and a diet and soon the vomiting was done. So, when we returned home that Sunday, we had no real reason for concern.

Nonetheless, to be on the safe side, we decided to have his blood tested straightaway on Monday, just to be sure his liver was alright. The replacement vet, there at the time, had a look at him too and said all seemed fine, less than five hours later, he died.

Dear people of ACE SHIN, thank you for taking our Jacobus in at the shelter in Spain because of that he was able to be fostered by Ann and adopted by us. Jacobus deserved all of it. He was a dog with a huge heart, a heart overflowing with boundless love for all those of us who got to know him well. Thanks to you, Kobe was hopefully given five beautiful years with us here in Machelen and we had the special joy of an amazing four-legged friend.

A big merci to everyone involved in making this possible.

Daniëlle en Jean Degroef-Dewandeleer

Molly en Wippie



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