Kwiebus in memoriam

Kwiebus in memoriam

June 10, 2014 14:19
Kwiebus a.k.a. Isbor

May 28th, is the day when we had to let you go, crazy Kwieb.
You have lived with us for 1 year and 9 months, longer that we had dared to dream because you were 10 years old when you came to live with us and that is quite an age for a Bulldog.
People were amazed when I told them you were 12 years old but you were fit, cheerful and rather funny.
But then that terrible tumor arrived, so very fast and you suffered from bad pains, we didn't want you to suffer, that you didn't deserve because you were here to have fun and a good time. But you didn't have fun only pain so I had to make that very difficult decision for you.

But now it is so very quiet, i don't have a shadow dog, I now have to go alone to the toilet, nobody attacks my hair dryer, in the morning there is nobody pushing me out of bed with: "I am so hungry!".
No one is barking at the cats and at closed doors, your carrier remains empty, yes we miss you and very much so. We will never forget you, you made sure of that because we have laughed so much about all the naughty things you did but we have also been afraid for you, like that time when you have eaten a giant mushroom or a couple of onions and you kept stinking, no, it was never boring.
We have enjoyed you that is certain.
Thank you, sweet Kwiebje for a beautiful time!!!!!



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