Lilli in memoriam

Lilli in memoriam

August 13, 2014 13:00
Dearest Lilli,

A year and a half ago, I found you on the SHIN website. It was love at first sight. I showed your picture to my husband and he also fell in love. We read the text about you, you had been found, very pregnant and you had delivered 5 puppies and now you were looking for a new home. A home visit from Nancy followed and then you came with the next plane.

When you arrived at the airport you were very enthusiastic. At home we discovered that spaghetti was your favorite food. Everyone received a big hug from you and the first night you sat with us on the sofa and that would remain your spot for the rest of your life.
It wasn’t always easy, you destroyed some things when you were enthusiastic. But I could never be angry with you, those sweet eyes would always make me melt.

We often went on holiday together. And you were always in the center of attention. This summer we went walking in Austria where you jumped the mountains like a little goat and fished stones and sticks from the rivers. In Slovenia you went swimming in the sea and everywhere people looked at you. Because you are so pretty, but also because you radiate so much energy. We were sleeping in one hotel room with the whole family and you loved it. Secretly you crept in my bed every night or with my husband, you really felt safe with our family.

When we returned home your friend Lassa came to stay with us. And you were even more cheerful with your play mate around. Together you walked to the Laak for a dip. You were chasing each other and barked at other dogs like two partners in crime.

And then that one day arrived. That day when I wanted to go jogging with you two before the visitors would arrive. I decided to keep Lasse on a leash and to let you run free. You had walked that tour about a hundred times with me. We had to walk along a big road and normally you always stayed close to me. But that day you left the pavement, only for a small part, but just at that moment that cat drove by. You wagged your tail for a short time and then you were dead.

It hurts so much, how can we go on? Everything reminds me of you, only now do I realize how much our lives were intertwined.

My dearest Lilli, princess Lilifee

I am so sorry that this had to happen, you deserved a long and happy life. I would give everything to get you back. I try to remember how you smelt, how your paws felt how you little snout rubbed against me. I miss you so much.

Rest softly, sweet Lilli, one day we will meet again.

Big kiss, your mama,
Dorien Kell



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