July 9, 2013 15:30
Today we had to say goodbye to Lily. She has become about 12-13 years old.
Four months ago the diagnosis of mouthcancer was given. All tumors were removed but we knew
she was living her last months. Two months ago some of the tumors were back. Last week she started to get problems eating. This morning we went again to the vet for a check up. She had only three weeks left to live with medication and we decided to let her die peacefully.
In September 2007 we went to the refugio to help. It is not clear if Lily choose us or we choose her.
We had not planned to come home with a dog, but we couldn't resist her............
During the six years she has been with us she brought the rings at both our civil marriage and at our symbolic marriage in Italy. She was always present. She has visited many wonderful countries and also some top restaurants together with us. She was welcome everywhere and there was always a snack waiting for her.
Lily, you are leaving an empty space in our hearts and in the hearts of many others.
You were my first dog, I couldn't have wished for a better dog!

Your bosses Mark and Elke will miss you!!! xxx



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