Lowie in Memoriam

Lowie in Memoriam

March 18, 2014 12:54
You came to live with us in 2009. At the ACE website your name was Fernandito but that name didn’t suit you and we named you Lowie. It took some time before you felt at home, you destroyed a few pieces of furniture but in the end everything was fine. You became our most faithful friend who protected his boss with his life and for our son Victor you were the audience for hours when he was playing.

You luck didn’t last long. Thursday you suddenly had difficulty seeing and Friday morning after some blood tests we knew something was wrong with your liver. We had hope that things would become all right but in the afternoon you threw up blood and couldn’t stand. I had to carry you inside the vet’s office. You couldn’t go on and you knew the end was coming. You looked at me one last time, like you were saying goodbye and then I let you go.

I took you home and your friends said goodbye one by one. And then we buried you, in your beloved garden under the lotus tree.

Wherever you are now, I wish you the very best, lots of balls, hugs, nice food and great hunting fields. We miss you enormously here. Take care, Lowie.

Your boss,
Inge Verjans.



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