Luka in memoriam

Luka in memoriam

November 25, 2013 11:47
Last Wednesday November 20th, we had to say goodbye to our Spanish Waterdog Luka,
before Carla.
She was almost 8 years old when she came to live with us but she was very lively, strong, cheerful and she loved water!
We were able to enjoy her for almost 7 years and that has been a wonderful time.
Luka was a sweet, soft spoken dog for our family and careful about people she didn’t know (like her breed shows).
During a long time she has been strong and active but during the last year she became an old lady, she suffered from asthma and couldn’t see and hear very well anymore.
In the end her flame has been extinguished slowly and she couldn’t go on……..
We miss her enormously but we cherish the beautiful memories.

Fam Monshouwer, Ede.



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