Luzje alias Lydia

Luzje alias Lydia

July 19, 2013 14:52
(Lydia nr. 5589)
date of birth unknown – died july 10th 2013

It was a beautiful summers day.......

When Luzje came to live with me on Saturday June 23rd, 2012.
She was tiny and skinny and seemd vulnerable: she had an old burn on her back and she missed a toe on one of her paws. She also had an undershot jaw, but that also made her my little Spanish beauty:
beautiful and oh so sweet and social. And like a real Boxer: Very free and cheerful and unprejudiced.
I knew nothing about her only that she had been saved from a kiling station and that I was going to offer her a long wonderful life.

She enjoyed all the attention she received: the exercises and nice snacks, the petting and playing.
I was always carrying a rubber stick when we were together in the forest and she was crazy about it: she saw only me and the stick. When she captured it, she cheerfully 'jumped' back to me to put it at my feet. At home we always played football with 2 balls and she never knew which ball she had to chose to jumped after. She jumped a lot, my girl, when it rained she even jumped in the car, she didn't like 'la lluvia', normally I had to lift her into the car.
I laughed a lot and always became very cheerful because of my Luzuzje.

How cruel can life be: the wonderful long life that I promised her when she came to live with me only lasted 1 year and 17 days,she deserved so much more time!
June 28th, I heard that the condition of her kidneys was very bad and 'our' vet Frans warned me that I would have to think in weeks rather than months.
My poor, small Luzje became sicker and sicker and Wednesday July 10th she has died in my arms.

It was a horrible summers day.......

Querida pequeña Luluz
Gracias por este año muy alegro.
Estas en mi corazón para siempre y nunca te olvidaré!



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