Mummy in memoriam

Mummy in memoriam

October 23, 2014 15:03
No words we can find for the lost of a lovely sweet Mummy podenca who finally fined her new home, who finally discovered that we "HUMANS" can be so different from each other, years and years she was something who did not had any value but producing and hanging on a chain,..
From being "nobody" she came to us, and all of us fell in love with the pure innocently of a simple podenca,..
Thank you mummy Anne, Paky, and all people around, for all the love she may feel in your house, home, hart and every single day she was living her dream,...
Don t be sad,...but proud because you have known a wonderful simple Mummy who will always be with you, your hart, and she will always be around her human Angels,  "her" Mums for ever,...thanks in name of Mummy and all of us ,...

Love Fabienne



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