Nacho in memoriam

Nacho in memoriam

March 10, 2014 12:00
Sweet Nacho,

We remember the day we took you away from the killing station.
You were a shadow of yourself, dirty and badly neglected. You had never expected that there would be somebody who would care about you, a 12 year old dog, without chances, you only saw death,.....

Well, little friend, we are grateful to you that we were able to give you 3 happy years.
You were so easy to please, exceptionally sweet and very honest, your firendship was more than sincere.

Now you have passed away softly, your 15 year old body couldn't go on, it was finished.
We are grateful for the time
That you were with us
Theunavoidable goodbye
Tears our heart and hurts so badly

An empty place
A big loss
Good memories are all that is left

Rest softly, little man

Your bosses and your mate Renko



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