December 8, 2016 21:06
Our little, sweet Noraatje (Lolaa) has gone!

On November 3rd, we had to say goodbye to her because her body was very sick.

This was difficult, very difficult!

When she came to live with us, almost 7 years ago, she was a dog with a bag pack.

We were never able to empty this bag pack completely. But we were able to give her the peace and security that she longed for. The little girl could really enjoy the walks she made four times a day with our three other ACE dogs; her tail never stopped and looked like a waving reed.

Her beautiful brown eyes could tell you so much……

She never barked, only once, and then she was very scared of herself. She would only make a sound when she was dreaming.

This sweet little dog was a dog to love, we have only nice memories of her…….


Kind regards,

Hanny Jochems



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