Our Tineke has gone, she became 19 years and a few months old...

November 20, 2016 19:57
Tineke, 17 years ago we saved her from the killing station of our refugio, at the time one of the most feared ……

She was sitting in section 3 in the cage before the last one, her boss had died. I will never forget how my Dirk stepped into her cage, in the pouring rain, and took her into his arms, since then they were inseparable…..

Every Christmas we thought about the moment that you came to live with us.

Unfortunately you didn’t make it until this Christmas…..

Dirk’s little Tineke…..His big love…His everything…..

Tineke, you became a concept in our organization, a ‘Tineke’ was a typical Andalusian dog. Often people, who knew us personally, would call us and say: “Fabienne, we are looking for a Tineke…”

You were a concept, a majestic, small, typical lady who knew what she wanted but who brought only happiness and faithfulness to us….

Never an angry word or a dog too many for you, for you everything was fine as long as you were number one for your papa Dirk. You were with us from the beginning of the founding of ACE/SHIN, you were always present and you saw everything happen, all the ‘ups and downs’.

The many set backs but also the flowering of our ACE/SHIN, our tears and our happiness, privately and concerning our love for the refugio…..You were always there….

Today we had to say goodbye to you, sweet darling….

Despite the many other dogs and cats we are sitting here quietly. We know that 19,5 years is a blessed age and there you were the only dog for Dirk…..You were spoilt and happy, cared for and endlessly loved but your absence has hit like lightening……

It hurts badly and we now have to accept that life goes on…..

Dirk’s Tineke is gone……It is the worst for him…..His Tineke…..

Unbelievable that the moment has come that she is gone……

You will always be with us, for always and always in our heart…..

We have loved you so much…...You were a mile stone in our life…..



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