Queeny in memoriam

Queeny in memoriam

June 16, 2015 14:26
At the end of April we had to say good bye to our Spanish diva, Queeny (9 years).
Together we enjoyed a nice but uneasy weekend at the Dutch coast. Her heart wasn’t strong enough anymore. We have had 6 beautiful and crazy years together. Her health was deteriorating fast during the last year but she always survived.
Yes, we are missing her enormously and especially all her little habits, socks that she loved to hide in the garden, the dishwasher that she cleaned before the program started…….
Unexpectedly a friend joined us, Chelsea (Bulldog) and last year during the same period Emma (Border Collie) died unexpectedly.
Our house is now a bit empty without Queeny and Emma.
Chelsea also misses her girlfriends but she does feel queen of the house now.
Thank you for moving mountains for the Spanish dogs.

Many greetings,
Martine and Marc.



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