Stevie in memoriam

Stevie in memoriam

September 29, 2014 13:00
Stevie......A tribute......

Stevie is resting now.......
Very much deserved because he was tired.......But not before he may shine as an example for every blind and deaf dog and certainly for adopters who would like to give a dog with a handicap a chance..
Just do it, people, they are so worth it!

Stevie was both blind and deaf……..But he was intelligent and used his nose to replace his senses.
Deaf and blind but until the last evening he showed us when he had to go outside…….He found his way everywhere here and knew every centimeter.
They are so smart, have such a well developed survival instinct…..
Never did he have an accident inside, no, he found his way to the back door, barked a few times and we knew: ‘Stevie has to go outside’.
After he did his business he found that same door: a few barks that told us, yes, business done, and he found his safe spot again.
He so much enjoyed the last meters of his walk……Until he couldn’t go on anymore…..
Stevie had a great character, always grateful and cheerfully wagging until the last goodbye cuddle, always submissive and peaceful……
YES, blind and deaf dogs can definitely have a very happy life, they do what they need to do and enjoy life…….In their own way but with quality.
I am certain that Stevie wants to give us this message, we have experienced this during many years and he showed us: give them a chance……They appreciate this double and are grateful!

Goodbye, dear friend……Nans and I are very grateful that we could look after you, it was our pleasure, we miss you so badly, it hurts.
Now you find your way between the stars and be very happy there…..




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