Teka in memoriam

Teka in memoriam

December 12, 2014 13:27
Dear Fabienne and all people from ACE,
Hereby I send 2 photo’s of our sweet lady. The photo’s tell everything about her life.
She was so scared and insecure…….During the first week she didn’t dare to leave her bench.
Very slowly and step by step she learned to trust us and to become friends with us and the other dogs. She was so cheerful and happy here.
We didn’t have her for a long time but we knew the risk from the start. She wasn’t young when she came to us. We have never been sorry to have taken her into our family. She was more than worth it…......Also now that we had to say goodbye to her. She will be missed.

Kind regards,
Jeanette, Jan, Erwin, Nina, Gio, James and Floyd.



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