Topsy in memoriam

Topsy in memoriam

December 23, 2014 12:23
Another sad message from me: Topsy (Soky) has passed away!
He suffered from a cerebral hemorrhage today and has died.
He has become 19 years old.
Oh Topsy, I will miss you oldie, your spot on the sofa will be so empty.
How it began; you came to me, a dog ready to bite, not possible to touch him!......
But after 14 days of intense love and tender touches you became my special one, you didn’t bite, seldom you gave licks but you loved to cuddle.
During the last 2 years you were so attached to me, every time I had been away for a few hours, you ran up to me and I had to cuddle you……….The bond we had was exceptionally, no other dogs had the special things that you did when you were stroked………
My sweet oldie, your time had come and in my arms you softly passed away, wrapped in your towel .
My heart hurts because I don’t see you on your spot on the sofa, the spot that was holy to you, you even had your dinner there, on a table cloth put there especially for you…….
You never ate together with your friends, you took your food to the sofa, so I quickly put a table cloth there and your bowl on top, a bit messy but you enjoyed it so much……..
You did go outside to do your business but you felt most happy on your corner on the sofa, that was your place from the beginning and you only left it to do your business or to greet me when I came from outside……
You were so special my Topsy……My oldie, my special one…….
My heart is bleeding, it is very quiet here tonight, your friends also feel it……..
You do your thing there behind the rainbow bridge, sweet darling, you run and play, enjoy the green grass, greet my other sweethearts, and one day, my oldie, I will also be an oldie and I will run in your direction………I will hold you and never let you go, then it will be forever!
Say hello to Rex, Musty and little Jessie from me……….

Your mama,
Francoise Bogaert



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