Trixie in Memoriam

Trixie in Memoriam

February 18, 2014 13:24
My mother adopted a dog from you, 2.5 years ago, called Trixie.
Trixie was an older dog and she was in foster care in Belgium, she was a black mixed dog.
The history about her was that she had lived at a goats farm and had many puppies.
She was taken away secretly because she was living in horrible conditions.
Unfortunately I have to let you know that we had to say goodbye to her today.
Her heart was finished and the medicine wasn’t working anymore so we had to take the decision to relieve her from suffering. My mother has had an operation recently and because of this she is living in our house during a few weeks together with Trixie.
At the beginning my mother was a bit hesitant to adopt an older dog because the dog has it’s own habits but she has never regretted it.
We have never had such a special and easy dog. She fitted perfectly with my mother and she went everywhere with her. We are already missing her. She will be cremated tomorrow and we will collect her next week so that we can give her a special place.

For now we first have to deal with the loss and as soon as my mother has recovered and is ready we will certainly come back to you to adopt another dog.

Kind regards,
Marlies Staartjes.



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