Vida in memoriam

Vida in memoriam

June 9, 2015 14:02
Hereby I bring you the sad news that our much loved Podenco lady Vida (before Amylie) has died in a tragic accident on Friday, June 29th.
She escaped from my parents garden and ran into the street at a very busy time. She had not been out of their sight for 2 minutes, but it was too late……She ran into a car and didn’t survive the impact.
She has been taken away from us much too early and leaves a big hole in our hearts!
She was only 3 years old and had lived with our family for 2 years.
She was the sun in our house and sometimes she was very naughty. If you turned your back she had stolen some food but you couldn’t be angry with her for very long because she would look at you so sweetly, her ears flat and begging you to forgive her…..
She was always grateful to be with us and she was a real, sweet friend for the kids (Gitte 6 years & Wout 5 years), for us and even for our cat Baila.
We will miss her so badly but we take comfort from the fact that we were able to give her the best 2 years of her life!
Vida, you will always have a place in our heart, we love you!!!

Joke, Bert, Gitte & Wout.



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