wilson in memoriam

wilson in memoriam

December 9, 2014 15:38
Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to our Wilson last Friday.
Things didn’t go well with him lately, he became very scared and was lying in his basket a lot, he didn’t want to go out much and during the walk he wanted to go back with his tail between his legs.
He would sometimes be aggressive to other dogs and vomit often. We thought he was in pain because of his paw. The vet had not seen him for a while and thought he had become ‘very old’. She gave us different pain medication and medication to make him less fearful. We made an appointment to come back in a month time. She told us to think about what to do if things wouldn’t improve, would this be a good life for Wilson. She also took some blood to check for his Leishmania.
Unfortunately the vet phoned us after one hour with the result of the blood test; his kidneys and liver were seriously damaged. The Leishmania was at the same level. The pain medication for his knee and also the medication for his Leishmania are bad for his kidneys but he couldn’t live without the medication. We had to choose for Wilson, the quality of his life wasn’t good for him anymore.
With much pain we have decided to let him go on Friday.

To finish on a positive note: Wilson has lived with us for almost 3 years (December 27th, 2011) and he couldn’t have found a better home. He has been overloaded with love and has always received all the care he needed. It hurts to see how sweet he has always been despite all the pain he suffered from daily. He has been a real friend and I have had so many crazy moments with him. I think that he has quickly forgotten about the rotten time he has had in Spain as soon as he came to live with us.
He has been an enormous cuddle and of course we have had our difficult moments with him but nothing than good words about our Willy. And about you of course ?
I am writing this with tears in my eyes.
I will add some photo’s so the people from ACE can see that he has had a good life with us!

Fam Klerkx



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