Xandro in memoriam

Xandro in memoriam

December 3, 2013 12:49
I'm so sort to informe you that Xandro very unexpected passed away early this morning.
Last Night he was as usually happy, funny and a lively dog. At 4.30 am he got very sick and died on the way to the vet approximately an hour later :-(

The reason akut organ faillure starting with his kidneys.

He was only 2 years old and even though I've only had him 5 months I'll allways remember him as the the funny, easy and lively dog who was mine from the frist moment I saw him. He was the charmer in the house. The one who was able to get away with nearly everything just with a look :-). At the same time he enjoyed learning and working with you.

R.I.P Xandro. You were loved



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