Zabu in memoriam

Zabu in memoriam

March 24, 2014 12:47
Dear Zabu,

In July 2012 you came to live with us via ACE. We knew you were suffering from arthrosis and needed medication. Despite that and your age of 12 years, we wanted to give you a happy and dignified time.
You felt at home quickly in your new house and despite your age you often behaved like a puppy. Especially the walks in the forest made you very cheerful and happy. You loved to cuddle. Every day when we came home after work, you first wanted to cuddle with us for at least a minute. You were very grateful for the life we offered you. After a bit more than a year and a half, your body started to give up.
This week it went down hill fast and unfortunately we had to say goodbye to you.
We have had a wonderful time with you and you were our best friend!!!
We will miss you, sweet Zabu.

Eileen & Maikel



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