June 4, 2013 18:05
Unfortunately, on the 3th of  May 2013, I had to put down Zasha. Eighteen months ago she came to live with me as a problem child. Despite the concerns it was a pleasure. Zasha was indeed a clown, with a special manual. Also a pig, like Fabienne often says, in every French Bulldog, was very present. Where Zasha was, you heard snoring. 

First we had to remover her ears. It seemed as if a bacterium was eating them. Yet then again hope for better times. But now her one eye needed to be removed. Her condition was so complete hopeless, and  in consultation with my vet we decided that Zasha deserved a better world at the other side.
I'm glad I got to know her. She was just lovely, very sweet. Zasha I loved you and I miss you.

Gerrie and her pack.



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