Zorah in memoriam

Zorah in memoriam

October 11, 2014 14:31
Two years ago, in the middle of the night, we have welcomed you at Zaventem.
Ever since that moment you have litterarily never lost sight of us. Everywhere we went, you always wanted to be with us. A travel bag in the hall way and garanteed you were sitting inside of it, like you wanted to say: “…..Don’t forget, I am also coming!”
We were hoping to be travelling together for at least 10 more years!
But an aggressive tumor in your belly has decided differently: you have only become about 4 years old. But we are certain about one thing……And that is what gives us comfort now: You have been super happy with us!

Goodbye, sweet little girl……..
(Your grieving bosses Gerd and Anne and your Bodeguero sister Simba).



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