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Noire (#10344)


Noire, dumped in the harbor of Cadiz, together with his sister Petite. You see a lot of cats on the harbors. When people dont leave them in the killingstation they leave them on a place far from there home so the cats wont find the way back. They spend their whole life in the harbor. When they are lucky, tourist eating in a restaurant at the harbor trow them some food, and some volunteers go there to leave some cat food for them. That is how Petite and Noir came to us. A nice lady saw these 2 kittens, she couldt leave them there so she took them home. She looked for a new home for them but could not find anybody. We took these 2 in. Noir is still a bit scared but he starts to play with us so he is getting more trust in people. For these 2 we are looking for someone who wants to adopt them together and can earn their trust with patience. They didnt have a good start in life so they need to learn to trust again. Who gives them that chance?

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