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Emiel (#13487) adopted


Emiel on YouTube
Emiel on YouTube
Emiel on YouTube
Emiel on YouTube Emiel, what a darling, Really everybody is captured by him and says such a darling, ... Yes, he really is, but he has had a very narrow escape, ... We rescued him from a killingstation where he entered severely hurt, ... Surprisingly, wasnt he finished off right away due to his serious injuries, ... One of the staff there took such pity on him, that he secretly administered him antibiotics for several days, also cleaning his wounds. And he kept him in a distant cage, ... hoping that the owner of the killingstation didnt find out, ... And so, he told us, every time when the owner, who picks the ones out to put down, walked through the cages, Emiel, as though he knew it, sat down at the end of the cage out of the vision of the killingstations owner when he looked into the cage, ... The employee called me to ask for my help, even though he was a seriously hurt dog, because Emiel wasnt getting better as he should even with the medication When I picked him up, I could not believe my eyes ... Somebody had hit his head with a machete ... A body on all sides covered with blood and inflicted with a deep, dangerously open wound looked at me very softly and ignorant, not realizing, ... We took him along and Emiel was operated on urgently, he had a very heavy infection and his wounds were inflamed, ... Emiel the poor dog has made it, ... His immeasurable gratitude and love for man hasnt endured due to the severe abuse and the pain he literally and figuratively suffered ... He is a Podenco gem, a darling, but above all a lovely Podenco who deserves a fantastic home !!
Negrito en Emiel on youtube

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