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Sashi (#13548)


Sashi s boss was very proud when he came to drop her at our gate. He told us he had paid a lot of money for this 100 % pure Chinese Sharpei. We have a little doubt whether this information is correct but the fact remains that this man did not longer wanted to keep his dog. They had no time for her any more, it was too much of a burden to take care of her, so Sashi stayed with us. The poor animal was completely lost... She has a very reserved attitude towards strangers but she will run through a brick wall for those people she trusts. Sashi is no dog for beginners but for people who have a bit of experience with the Sharpei character. She is ok with other dogs but seems to be getting along with male dogs. Sashi is quite sensitive to changes so a nice quiet peaceful and stable family ( preferably with no small children ) is exactly what she needs...

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