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Akira (#13562) adopted


Update Akira, 16-11-2017, a volunteer tells We took Akira along on a trip to the sea. This little doggy was so shy when we took her out of her cage, but she quickly calmed down in the car and on arrival on the beach did she completely blossom, enjoying the walk, the hugs and the attention ... She walked along on the leash in such a good way and afterwards, while we were drinking something in a cafe was there any problem either, she was so calm. With kids and other dogs does she get along brilliantly, she really would be the perfect pet ... Who has a vacancy ...? Original text : Sweet, sweet Akira was saved from the killing station in Sevilla. She is a real good Bodeguero, there’s absolutely nothing bad in this little body. She is social, fits perfectly in the group, never causing problems, on the contrary. Akira likes to seek the companion of people, she really, really likes to be cuddled. Who gives this top class dog the home she deserves?
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