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Isolde (#13580) adopted


Isolde is a sweet, elegant Mastin lady. She gave birth in the killing station to 9 pups, but was left there on her own devices … When this news reached us, we took her in and since then she is staying with Diane, who is taking care of her and her little ones. Unfortunately, 5 of them didn’t survive but Ibaar, Ian, Ido and Ilias have become big, strong bears ! Isolde herself is a very good soul and, although it is not always easy to look after 4 grown up, big puppies who can barely leave their mum alone, she is very caring and nothing is too much for her ! She is very fond of the company of humans, but also other dogs are considered good company to her. At first, Isolde is a little reserved towards strangers but soon she comes sniffing carefully and some time later she wants to cuddle! This top-lady with a golden character is still looking for a real home, who wants to answer this call and is willing to give her a real one ?
Isolde & Pups on youtube

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