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Grey (#13628) adopted


This good looking guy came from a breeder, where he only knew the four walls of a little dog house. Of course, that has its consequences... Grey is a frightened, very insecure dog in unknown situations and with unknown people - as we can all understand. He doesnt bite, but scares easily of unexpected movements, and then tries to run... Grey is not a beginners dog, but needs someone with a lot of patience, who will help him in a very gentle way to blossom. He needs time to get to know his new boss and new surroundings before being able to go for a walk or on a trip... Grey is a fantastic, beautiful young dog with a lot of potential, but he will need time and work. He is evolving good, as he starts to relax with us, and wags his tail already when he sees people that he knows. Because of his insecurity, we do not want to place him in a family with small children. Where there is a will, there is a way, so we hope to see Grey find his way in his new family, who understands him and will give him the necessary time to explore our beautiful world. Who will take care of our Grey?
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