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Luceros (#13631)


Update Luceros, 30 March 2018, a volunteer reports : Together with his pen mates, did we take Luceros along on a relaxing walk, outside the shelter. Going for a ride with the car is certainly not a problem because he is very quiet. Luceros walks well on the leash. He was so happy with all the attention and hugs ... Luceros is a very grateful dog, very social with everyone. He loves exercise and some action, so ideal for people who love walking and engaging themselves with their quadruped ... Original text : Luceros was bought free from the killing station of Fuengirola. There he was, an abandoned old cross Pointer, sad and lonely in his cage. Cast off by his former owners, put aside after 9 years of loyal friendship… Luceros is a sweet fellow, for dogs and people. He can be a bit of an old grumbler, once in a while he likes to be left alone by the other dogs. Which family has a space for this good, old lad?
Luceros, Keppe en Dhalia on YouTube
Luceros on YouTube

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