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Chipolato (#13641) adopted


Ronan, Hanke and Chipolato on youtube They went around on social media, two dogs of 6 and 10 years old ... Once white pearls and the prides and loves of their family. But as it often goes, they became redundant and they were then banished to a minimal terrace with a doghouse in this case where both boys saw their lives passing by ... Dogs that should lie on someones lap, cozy near the fire or at their owners feet ... Today did they have to leave or ... or ... and or ... always that horrific threat they use here in Spain, their killingstations ... But well, these two little guys fortunately didnt end up there. They are super friendly, super affectionate and really dont understand the whole hassle well. They took along the fleas, ticks and matted fur, from the last years ... They are small, easy-going dogs who can become very happy and who want to give someone a lot of friendship because their by character are they very sweet, social and sympathetic. We have called them Chipolata and Chipolino ... their lives can restart ...
Chipolato on youtube

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