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Celestine (#13684)


Update Celestine, June 14th, 2018: Together with her two pen mates, was Celestine allowed to accompany some volunteers on a trip. She sat quietly in the car, enjoying the view. She walks well and loves it too. Waiting on a terrace is no problem at all. When she lies down, do you see her nervous spasm and moves her head, but it doesn’t bother her. Celistine is a very good and sweet, social girl who hopefully will soon be chosen by someone because she deserves it ... You maybe ?? Original text : Celestine and Filidoor are siblings, a handsome duo obviously blessed with Galgo genes. They were in a killing station that was going to close so they found a place to stay in our shelter. They are both very beautiful, young and playful adolescents, curious about and eager to find out what their life has to offer. Celestine and Filidoor are social with other dogs but aren’t used to live in a big pack of dogs yet. They can be placed in a family with children, but preferably not with babies. Celestine has been very ill after she caught a virus in the killing station. She barely survived but unfortunately she was left with a nervous tic... Some moments this bothers her more than others, but stress seems to aggravate this problem. Celestine is a very gentle, kind lady, but her tic is something that needs to be taken into consideration, since this most likely will not disappear.
Celestine, Luigi en Filidoor on YouTube
Celestine, Luigi en Filidoor on YouTube
Celestine on YouTube
Celestine on YouTube

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