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Kiara (#13766) adopted


They tied Kiara to the gate of our shelter. She had a chip and her owner was an older English lady who died a year ago and who had several rescue dogs. After the lady had passed away, her dogs were handed out to several rescue organisations and were adopted, but apparently without any control. This is what happened to Kiara. Her new owner never changed her chip and eventually tied her to our gate. Kiara is a very unsure and scared dog, who growles and barks out of fear, but she flees away when you raise your voice. Once she passes her initial fear, she comes closer to cuddle. Kiara doesnt respond heavily to other dogs. This girl needs someone who understands and comforts her, to make a possitive progress. An experienced owner can turn her into a lovely dog. Who can help her?
Kiara on youtube
Kiara on youtube
October 2017 - Kiara on YouTube

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