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Iepje (#13772)


Iepje is a still young Belgian Shepherd (Malinois), who was handed over by her owner in a killingstation. We have been able to save this girl and she is now living here in our refugio. Iepje is a somewhat nervous dog who needs exercise and entertainment, which is typical of this breed. She gets frustrated in her cage, but once that she is out of her cage, is she much quieter. We usually let her roam of leash. Iepje is good with people, but is watchful. She doesnt let you easily in her cage, but once you open the door and let her out, can you do anything with her. Iepje is ok with other larger dogs, but not all dogs can cope with her nervousness, at least here in the shelter anyway. Currently is she still very skinny, but it is a work in progress. Iepje needs an active owner wanting to entertain her, because she is a real working dog who wants to perform for her owner - which is typical for the Sheperd breed ... Attached video shows how quiet Iepje is, when Fabienne gives her some attention :
Iepje on youtube

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