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Moekie (#13773) adopted


July 2017, Fabienne tells the story of Moekie: Dogs are put to sleep in large numbers these days, killing stations are bulging... if only we could do more, if only we had more resources... Unfortunately it is very expensive and impossible to follow up on everything. Rescuing them is one thing, but then comes the care, the treatment of neglection, of the illnesses or abortions, or another operation, or and or and or... The staff of the killing stations are busy putting everyone to sleep... they cant handle the raising number of puppies and mothers... Numerous street dogs are chased, captured and destroyed. It is summer. Tourists are bringing stray dogs to every possible place they can find because they dont know what to do. People who arent used to dealing with this dont understand. They will do everything to rescue an animal... A lot of them die in nature because of the extreme, unbearable heat, with no water or food... This mum was left in a killing station with her 5 newborn puppies, her time was due... We rescued her, together with her puppies... her name is Moekie...

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