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Nemo (#13787) in pre-reservation


From Fabiennes Diary: Nemo, his life in the campo ... Nemo was bought as a puppy by a young couple and as always, everything is very beautiful in the beginning ... He was a beautiful pup, a feast for the eye, a beautiful specimen of his breed ... His picture was proudly shown to everybody and the owner considered himself being so cool and important. But when the little puppy turn into a puppy who started gnawing and playing, his beauty became less interesting, and so was Nemo brought to an uncle who had a house in the campo. There was the young puppy who wasnt a little puppy anymore, dumped and there was he supposted to become happy ... The old man weekly visited his dogs in the campo, for the rest of the time were they all alone, which is common here in Spain ... A lot of people own a country cottage where they keep their quadrupeds due to their small apartment in the city, because of their nice neighbours or out of comfort. They only go on weekends, the animals are often alone during the week. Food and bevarage? A bowl of water and a bowl of food, and they have to fend for themselves, that is how they think, and how that these animals have to live and survive. The uncle who was caring for the dog called me asking if I couldnt save Nemo. It hurt him that a young, lovely dog had to grow old ??there. I have a weak spot for him, he said, every time when Im driving away from my weekend residence, is the dog is so seized with emotion. So did he end up with us, Nemo is indeed a good and great character, very human-oriented and very social, he is currently sad and grieving, he is skinny and has lost all courage, feeling depressed ... Hopefully will he be able to pull himself together quickly. He needs a consistent owner, he wants to learn and try out, but needs a good supervisor who can handle him, only then he can really become happy ...

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