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Paultje (#13864) adopted


September 2017, from Fabiennes diary : Paultje and Polet, left behind to die in a deserted campo, ... Paultje and Polet were discovered by an old man when he passed a campo. He saw the two little ones lying down, gasping for air and they were more dead than alive, ... Their eyes were completely covered with flies, with this heat, which is unbearable inland, ... Two little podencos, ... They didnt have food nor drink, ... after he had wetted them, did he promptly bring them to a vet, hoping to be able to save them. They were taken care of immediately and both made it, a true miracle, ... The old man took them both home, trying with might and main to find a warm home for them. He took them to the market, went along the warehouses, neighbors and friends, family, ... Everywhere, ... Until he came to us with the following words : Cant you help me with these two little ones, they arent fluffy white, nor fashionable phenomena, but madam, they are so sweet ... He had saved them from death, had cherished and loved them, but nobody wanted them ... They dont know what theyre missing out of I tell then. People will soon find out because they are cool and beautiful puppies, inside and outside, ...

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