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Leila (#13870) adopted


Two Cockers of a certain age, homeless... Lola and Leila Lola was dumped by her owners when they had found a new job and did no longer have time for her. At some time they had picked her up from a killing station but they did not know what to do any more, their life changed , the new job... Her basket, all recipients for eating and drinking, we received everything, just take care of her and let us know she is doing well... In the car she just sat very relaxed next to my own dogs, that went very well... Leila, she lived a happy life for years in a family... until the moment came they did not show up any more to pick her up after going on holiday. Leila has only one eye but she is very sweet and social with everyone, a real family dog for certain. Two Cockers at the same time, just an ordinary day in the week, the perfect day for dumping the old ones....

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