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Toki (#13897) adopted


September 2017, Fabiennes diary: Tomi and Toki, two little innocent lives tumbled down the mountain, literally and figuratively... The Dutch family who found them was completely upset... They rented a little house up there, and suddenly heard the puppies screaming... They picked them up and started searching where they came from.The farmer that lived on top of the mountain had so many neglected animals, his dogs were always running around, full of vermin, they looked horrible. The people could not bring themselves to ask him to take the puppies back, so they quickly got away. When the farmer passed them a bit later and saw the puppies, he said para ti, which means for you, and he continued his trip... So the couple asked for our help... They had to drive for about an hour, and we did too... The puppies were covered with flees, youd think they wouldnt last a day longer... But, they survived... and how... These two brothers can be themselves, can discover the world, can eat when theyre hungry and jump around as the two black pearls they are... You would cuddle them non stop... They really are adorable...
October 2017 - Toki and Tomi on YouTube

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