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Liva (#13900) adopted


Stuart, Selva en Liva on YouTube September 2017, from Fabiennes diary : Licia, Liva and Lisbeth, rescued from the most marginal neighborhood in Sevilla ... A mother with a litter of puppies was handled roughly in a marginal neighborhood of Sevilla ... Some of the puppies were beaten to death with sticks, because the puppies had approached some children and their parents were sick of the dirt of the fleas they were dragging along on their tender bodies ... Unimaginable... The mom and two puppies who made it, were now living on the street, searching every litter bin every day for some food. No one who was looking after them except the children who were throwing stones at them, after which the poor dogs retreated to the most distant corners to get spared from these atrocities. We were asked to help and we stepped in. It was heartbreaking to see this misery ... The mothers grief and the inhumanity of this neighborhood, without scruples ... Licia, Liva and Lisbeth are adorable, timid, but super thankful dogs, we are glad that we have saved them ...

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