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Creme (#13905) adopted


September 2017, from Fabiennes diary: Crème, handed over at our gate by workers A neglected guy, he was dumped somewhere ... and lived alone for a long time, looking for a caring word and a sweet hug Workers working at a yard gave him every day a little pice of their sandwich, then he lay himself down with them and enjoyed every moment of the little moment, of getting a little bit of attention and food ... He returned to them every day and one of the workers really connected with him but he couldnt provide him with a warm dog bed. When the work was finished, was Crème back to square one, what was going to happen to him now? And so did the men come to us asking to please take him in, as no one else was looking after him ... He was so neglected, dirty and filthy, his skin urgently needed some care. Due to his gentle character, who we named Crème, did he end up with us ... and hopefully will he be able to go to a new home soon ...
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