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Mijas (#13906) adopted


September 2017, from Fabienne’s diary: “Mijas, barely 4 months, a broken leg and some other fractures… her 10 days were counting down…” She was handed in at a killing station, with some serious fractures, probably a broken leg ? Little Mijas is only 4 months old and already treated as an object that was ready to be thrown away… No hunter will offer a Podenco in need some help, they are worthless and are immediately dumped… So as well little Mijas … With her little snout bent down and lots of pain we took her with us… Her eyes are telling you lots… In the meantime, she is with us and she is being looked after, she is not in pain anymore and will be checked by our specialist. Her personality is opening up as a flower, a wonderful and sweet little creature that really was lucky to be rescued from those terrible circumstances with a hunter … To be continued…

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