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Pablito (#14496) adopted


March 2018, from Fabiennes diary : Pablito and his life on the street, ... One day I was adopted, away from my mum who loved me so much, away from my brothers and sisters, ... I so missed the warmth of my mothers body against me, the love and protection, ... I had to sleep alone, in a backyard, where my fear and loneliness werent heard, ... My family found me cute, they were sweet, but one day I was allowed to come along and I was suddenly thrown out of the car, ... A man in the village saw me fall and picked me up, ... I didnt know what was happening, I totally panicked and my whole body hurt from the fall, ... Why, why did my owner hurt me? Why was I left behind that way? Since that day I lived on the outskirts of the village, where I occasionally got food, I lived not far from the bins, thanks to them I could survive, ... Months on end I lived there, the nights were cold and chill, nobody looked at me, ... When I wandered around in the evening, I looked into the living rooms, ... Where it was cozy to live, I was longing for it so much, ... But no door opened to me, ... Today I was picked off the street, I was allowed in the car, it felt good, ... I curled up on the back seat and have only slept, I was so tired, so tired, ... I couldnt go on anymore ... Many thanks to all rescue people of SHIN ACE to give me a chance, ... Without you my life would have extinguished bleakly, ... Today I am a dog who counts and who has rights, ... Today my world was saved, ...
March 2018 - Pablito on YouTube
June 2018 - Pablito on YouTube
Pablito training on youtube
Pablito training on youtube
Pablito training on youtube

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