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Mama Tembo (#14510)

Mama Tembo

February 2018, from Fabiennes diary: pregnant and surviving. Mama Tembo and her puppies... No day goes by without a sad story. All you ever want is to help them, get them out of their misery and send them off to good people... This story is about Mama Tembo and her puppies, and its a tough one. Can you imagine that youd have to survive as a pregnant dog on the street but also take care of your little ones after they are born? Its rough out there. Youd have to carry them, feed them, take care of them... They were wondering the streets in a small village because she was too sweet to be a guard dog. She served no purpose, so she was dumped. At least, thats what weve been told. Well never know if its true. But her ears were cut off to make her look more dangerous. She is a softy and very concerned about her puppies. How can you watch this in front of you and do nothing? She was more skin and bones than dog. She was weak, and her puppies were too. They were hungry, thirsty and cold. They are with us now and my gosh, how sweet are they. What a good mom she is. This morning I came up to her and my own dogs came in. She immediately walked towards her puppies to protect them from harm. When she saw that my dogs were no threat she accepted them and let them get close. Its so extremely beautiful to watch this mother love. Its amazing. She came to us for a bit and her eyes said it all. She is safe, and her puppies are too. They are all being fed and she receives special food to get her strength up. All she will need after this is a warm dog bed and a loving heart to keep her safe forever. From this day on, she will know what love is, we will make sure of that. Will you help us?
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