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Sinva (#14519) adopted


March 2018 : Sinva, 9 years of shared love and suffering, today in the cold, ... A small Yorkie, 9 years old, always loyal to his owner, like Yorkie can be, ... Unfortunately his owner got tired of him, so we were told, and so he went, to the killingstation, ... Luckily were alarmed and were we able to take him out, ... The little guy first saw his world collapse, and was then dumped in a deathrow, ... Little Sinvas heart is broken, his owner continue to live as if he had never been part of it ... His egoism and indifference makes us so angry but if we dont save Sinva this dog is doomed, ... He adapts well to circumstances but you can feel that he doesnt understand what is happening to him ... That he wasnt cared for as he should have been is noticable by his teeth, which are in a terrible state, ...

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