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Pita (#14526)


March 2018, from Fabiennes diary : Pita, an oldie deposed at the gas station, ... Pita, an old dog of about 10 years old, was simply dumped at the gas station, ... There she kept waiting for her owner, wanted to go along with every car, .. No man took her, ... She wandered there for weeks, until she was in heat and was chased by a big sheepdog, ... A female noticed the misery and brought the dog to us, ... She has cataract and has a very limited sight, she is completely left to her fate, ... This oldie needs help, a dog bed for as long as it lasts, ... She is so sad and lost in her pen here, the cold and the rain arent making it easier either, ... A dog coat to keep her body warm is nothing compared to a warm dog bed in a loving home, ...

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