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Marcelo (#14530) adopted


March 2018, from Fabiennes diary : Marcelo, 5 years passed since his owner died, ... Marcelo came into the killingstation after being found by a girl on the street, ... The condition of his eyes, fur and body were lamentable, the little dog was in a very bad shape, ... Volunteers from the killingdstation did what they could but asked for our help , ... After the dog was cared for, his nails clipped, he was stripped of his stinking fur, and his eyes were cleaned, ... did he appear a totally different dog, only the eyes still were looking sad, ... We dont know his story yet, he wasnt able to tell us his life story, but the fact is that he had lived somewhere for 11 years and that he was in the killingstation that day, ... On the basis of his chip readings could we figure out that he is already 5 years without an owner, she died 5 years ago, ... But where he stayed during these 5 years, no one knows, only little Marcelo whose lips are sealed ??but he clearly indicates that he is really deeply unhappy, ... The dog is now with us, safe and sound, but not at home, ...
March 2018 - Marcelo on YouTube

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